how to become a french press pro

i love a good french press coffee. but, i must admit, i do not know the “real” way i should do it. i mean, i can do all of the basics, but is it really how it should be done, i often wonder? and the biggest question of all? how long do i let it sit before i begin to press? oh so many questions!

luckily the creative people at ghergich & co and ereplacementparts have created this very cool infographic and invited me to share it with you.

check this out!


now we are all gonna be french press pros!



Coffee Breaks: A great idea for creating a great workplace

One of the things that I love about fika is the intention behind it. However, it’s not something that is really understood in American society.

In Sweden, fika is not simply going out for coffee with a friend, it is also a very important part of the work day. No matter where you work, you are given time for a fika break, not a coffee break. It’s not a time to leave your work for a minute, run into the break room, grab a cup of coffee, perhaps say a quick hello to whoever might also be in there at the same time, and then run back to the things you left behind.

Fika at work is something entirely different. It is a set time that co-workers gather in a common area, a lounge, around a table, or still at their desks The point is to gather together with some colleagues . Either there is a freshly brewed pot of coffee, or you grab something from the office coffee machine, perhaps a cappuccino, and put down your work. Your focus is each other, enjoying your coffee, and giving your brain a break.

I think that Americans tend to have a hard time with this idea of a 20-30 minute work break (a fika). There is a lot of guilt surrounding the idea of taking the time to stop working to enjoy a cup of coffee. Of course, the American way of thinking is generally something about cramming as much work in as possible in a work day. It’s a cutthroat way of working.

However, research has shown that the Swedish way of taking a break once or twice in the day is actually more beneficial, leading to a calmer atmosphere, more creativity, and a better working relationship with colleagues.

The creative people at Ghergich & Co and Quill, got together and created a beautiful little infographic to describe just how coffee + coffee breaks make the work place function even better! Take a peek and learn a little!

Click to Enlarge Image

Brewing Success: Coffee Makes the Workplace Go Round

What do you think? Do you take the time for a coffee break? Or do you feel that there just isn’t time for it?

The Fika Girl highly, highly recommends  adding the art of fika to your daily life! If you have any more questions about fika, please peruse the website or send me a message!



it’s all in the design

as a lover of coffee and a wife to a graphic design student, i have found the perfect combination of our passions: coffee packaging. and just the other day i ran across a blog that has posted some photos of some of the coolest looking coffee packaging designs out there right now, and i thought i’d share them with you. just as inspiration and for fun.

alabaster_coffee_roaster_coffee_group_02-600x450 bigisland_12@2x-600x375


brewklynLine1-600x400 CDA_2702-Edit-600x397


however cool these designs are, though, i have a personal preference: simple and clean (i suppose that is my scandinavian influence coming in). so, the ultimate packaging to me is no packaging. of course, that’s not really practical when roasters want to sell their coffee and distribute it. but, my new love is to immediately put my beans in a big, air-tight mason jar as soon as i receive them. all that other packaging, while very cool and interesting, just gets thrown away/recycled. i’m digging the natural look of seeing the beans.


what do you think? which design is your favorite? does design even matter to you?

namaste. xx