meet liz: the fika girl


hello! i’m liz. the fika (fee-ka) girl. clearly i am a lover of coffee. but, there’s much more to me than just coffee: i’m also a blogger, freelance writer, photographer, and spiritual director/mentor.  

professionally, i have a bachelor’s degrees in special education and a master’s of divinity (= i love theology/spirituality). but, these degrees do not define me. i am also an avid coffee drinker and coffee lover.

i grew up in north carolina, and have lived all across this beautiful, diverse state throughout my life. after marrying in 2009, my wife and i moved to sweden (where she is from) for three years, but eventually decided to move {back} to north carolina: and we chose the amazing city of asheville for its eclectic, unique, diverse culture and people. not to mention it’s nestled in the blue ridge and great smokey mountains, so everywhere you look, you’re surrounded by gorgeousness.

in asheville, i worked out of my home when i’m not sipping coffee and writing, writing articles for my freelance work, or meeting people for fika. and if i was not ta home or writing, i sought out adventure by traveling, photographing everyday moments, and spending time with friends and family.

life was pretty amazing. but, this past january, it got even more amazing.

my wife and i moved back to sweden! back to the motherland of fika. now, my wife is working at her dream job and i am working on finding my place in uppsala, an international, academic, culturally rich city just north of stockholm. of course, i will be having fika… and perhaps i will even share my fika adventures here!

yes, i am one happy girl. i guess you could say that my cup is overflowing.

so, welcome to the fike girl. settle in and explore what fika is all about. or learn something new about coffee.

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♥ insatgram: @belovelivephotography

♥  google+ & linkedIn: Elizabeth Reynolds McGuire

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